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Group Share

  • Customer has a sense of control of spend and can easily handle employee cost.
  • Ease of number modification: e.g. for terminated Staff, Contract Workers etc. from comfort of the business own platform
  • Reduce MTN resource intervention or dependency on MTN customer care and account manager as this is for customers to manage account


The “MTN Group Share” service allows businesses and organizations to share Voice minutes, SMS and Data within their organization. The company has access to a web portal, managed by an internal administrator, to make their transactions and distribution independently. This service applies to Voice, SMS, Data and APN services.


  • Shared Pool Service: Customers have the option to use it as a pool for users to spend from (All share from a Bulk allocation).
  • Allocated Service: Customers have the option to allocate voice, SMS and Data Bundles from the company account to individual users at their discretion out of the account.
  • Customers have their own username and PIN number to access their portal.
  • There is a portal for Self-Service Management.
  • Customers have the flexibility of creating their own Bundles. (Data, Voice and SMS).
  • Platform that is loaded monthly with BULK data, voice, and SMS (PER ORGANIZATION) E.G.: 2000MINS, 300GB,5000 SMS.
  • Customers have the flexibility of purchasing bundles and allocating numbers to all “share from pool” of Data/Voice /SMS.
  • Allocated bundles can be used against all network services.

Who is the target?

  • Large corporate
  • SME’S
  • APN Clients
  • Government
  • Organizations


Service is charged at Bulk Voice/SMS/ data rate as per the below

Which package is for you?

Package Tariff – Tax inclusive (GHC)
Voice (Across Network) 0.092
SMS 0.094
Data (below 10GB) 0.041
Data (above 10GB -50GB) 0.0061
Data (above 50GB – 100GB) 0.0032
Data (above 100GB) 0.0032
Package Voice (Across Network)
  • 0.092
Package SMS
  • 0.094
Package Data (below 10GB)
  • 0.041
Package Data (above 10GB -50GB)
  • 0.0061
Package Data (above 50GB – 100GB)
  • 0.0032
Package Data (above 100GB)
  • 0.0032