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Converged Services


  • Enjoy flexibility and seamless communication with VOIP services.
  • Secure your business and serve your customers better by being accessible anywhere.
  • Manage your own internal communications with ease ensuring more efficient interactions.
  • Be more productive, connect and work from anywhere.
  • Remote accessibility to teams and audiences.
  • Self-service / on-the-go.
  • Flexibility and agility in service and billing.
  • Improve customer experience and upgrade company image.


MTN unified communication services enables business owners to serve their customers better – allowing customers to connect to anyone anywhere, work from anywhere around the world. Unicom provides you with a full suite of solutions to unify your business communication and collaboration including Fixed Voice Line, Audio and Video Conferencing Facility, IVR and Call Center.


  • Availability of voice over SIP service to all fixed data customers (Provision of SIP Phone or customers can purchase their own phones).
  • Calls made would be deducted from the airtime on the FBB/TurboNet account and not their data (use the same number for FBB/TurboNet).
  • An audio teleconference between two or more people in separate places.
  • Use IVR functionality for auto-attendant service (play greetings, announcements, advertisement and offer menu options to customers on call).
  • Answer calls automatically plus route caller to the right department.
  • Answering calls remotely as an agent.
  • Announcement and music while customers are on hold for agent.

Who is the target customer?

  • SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises)
  • SOHO
  • Corporate
  • Government Organizations
  • Media Organizations


  • Voice bundles are available from GHC 10.00 to GHC 50.00 (Basic, Classic and Premium).
  • IDD minutes to make calls to US, UK, Canada (Zone 1B destinations).
  • All *Out of Bundle* IDD calls will be charged at the existing IDD rates.
  • “Out of Bundle” charge is 0.08 and 0.10 for MTN-MTN calls and MTN to other Networks, respectively.
  • New customers will purchase a SIP handset at an extra cost (depending on the SIP phone available).
  • Access (Audio, Video Conferencing and Fixed Voice) at a cost of GHC 20 monthly.
  • IVR at GHC 38.49 monthly.
  • Call Center activation at GHC 38.49.
  • One-time SIP trunk at GHC 50.00.
  • Extensions / License GHC 20.00 monthly.
  • SIP Phones (on request) model and availability dependent.

How to Subscribe?

  • Customer can purchase / top up bundles by dialing *5057# or *170#.
  • Select Voice Bundles and pay for the Bundle of choice.

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