Have a rough idea of how much you need to spend on SMS, calls and more? Well, then you can select the right bundle for you. It’s a great way to cap your cost and still stay connected with your family and friends.


In recent months MTN has received complaints from customers about unauthorized loss of credit from their smartphones. MTN investigations has revealed a number of consumers have applications of which they are unaware running on their phones. These applications, many of which have spyware capabilities, may interfere with phone use and increase data usage. Read more

Device Bundle

Discover the type of devices tied to our bundled packages. Simply choose the device of your choice and you’ll get voice and data offer that comes with it. Rates are in GH¢.

Alcatel 803 140 3.90/min 200MB 7 Days
Alcatel 385 80 3.00/min 50MB 7 Days
Alcatel 308 53 3.00/min 50MB 7 Days
Alcatel 810 165 3.90/min 250MB 7 Days
Samsung Maple 48 1.80/min 50MB 7 Days
Huawei Ascend Y210 169 3.90/min 200MB 7 Days
  • Purchase any of the handsets and receive offers for 12 months. Initial package after subscription is only valid for 30 days. Subsequent offers for remaining months are only 7 days.
  • To receive these offers, you must send ‘MB’ to short code 151 to subscribe to the package.
  • You will need to spend GH¢1 in subsequent months before the offer will be given automatically.
  • The voice offer can be used to call On Net numbers.
Head to any MTN Stores to purchase.

SMS Bundle

All SMS Bundles are valid for 30 days


Number of SMS

Gp 0.50

20 SMS

GHc 1.00

50 SMS

GHc 2.00

150 SMS

GHc 5.00

400 SMS


900 SMS

IDD Bundle

This IDD Bundle Offer allows you to enjoy up to 50% discounts on international calls upon subscription. The new offer gives subscribers (Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go) the option of buying a bundle which gives him/her allocated minutes of talk time to 4 Zones across the world. 
 The bundled price comes in 3 different denominations which are 2GHc, 5GHc and  10GHc. Pay Monthly will have only the 10GHc bundle available to them whiles Pay As You Go has access to all. For instance, when you buy 2GHc for a Zone 1 bundle (Canada, UK fixed, China, USA, and India) you will receive twenty (20) minutes of talk time.


Amount  Validity  (Days)  Minutes Allocated  Countries
Zone 1  2.00
Canada, China, India, United Kingdom (Fixed), USA

Quick Tips

Be sure to turn off data on your device when you aren’t using it. Another way to access data is to use Wi-Fi hotspots in cafés, hotels or airports.