MTN offers Leased Line service locally and internationally with guaranteed speed and quality. It’s an excellent cost-saving solution especially if your business has several offices all over the country and beyond. Send large data quickly and reliably via our reliable transport media such as Radio Link, Fibre-Optic and the Ethernet. Give your business the leverage it needs on our world-class network infrastructure with our Leased Line service.
  • Guaranteed transmission quality. 
  • Reliable and stable connectivity.
  • Scalable solution to meet your corporate expansion requirements. 
  • High-speed service ranging from 256kbps to 2mbps and even up to STM-X speeds.
  • Optimum security and privacy features. 
  • Save costs in telephony expenditure between sites.
  • A dedicated Account Manager to assist you with recommendations best suited to your business needs 
  • A Secure & Private Line
  • Speed-No Contention, Direct, Symmetrical
  • Reliable-Supported by comprehensive SLA’s
  • Resilient-Redundancy available in the MTN core Network
  • Wide Choice of Speeds
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